Doreen had not seen her two daughters for five years.


Damayan Board member, Doreen Cabillian, had not seen her two daughters for five years, until May 19th, 2017, when Lorraine and Karmelle landed in NYC. Seeking to support her family, Doreen left her home in the Philippines on April 13, 2012. As a participant of the J-1 visa program, she was trafficked as a teacher along with six other Damayan members. Through Damayan and the Urban Justice Center, Doreen received her Trafficking Visa (T-Visa) and was able to bring her family to the U.S. Doreen has become a leader in the fight against labor trafficking, as an active member of the Damayan Executive Board, where she most recently helped plan and implement the successful 2017 Damayan Health Fair. Damayan handles cases of Filipino labor trafficking survivors in partnership with attorneys that offer their services for free. To date, Damayan has won 29 TVisas and reunited 20 families with 38 children and 11 spouses.