Case Management


Damayan provides labor trafficking survivors the support they need to restore their freedom, assert their basic human rights, and move towards economic stability. Our services include helping survivors develop escape plans, secure emergency housing and financial assistance, access social and legal services, find employment, and facilitate family reunifications.


Through our network of pro bono attorneys, we ensure labor trafficking survivors are able to apply for T Non-Immigrant Status Visa (T Visa). This program allows survivors to remain legally in the US, access basic services, and file cases against their traffickers. It also allows eligible survivors to file for  T visa derivatives for their children and spouses, leading to successful family reunifications.


As part of our services, we assist uninsured workers access basic health services through collaborative health fairs and referrals. We also help vulnerable workers retrieve unpaid wages and fight labor abuses and cases of fraud.

Damayan has helped workers recover more than $850k in unpaid wages and made possible for 29 trafficking survivors to receive special immigration protection and the ability to bring their families to the US. To date, 20 survivors have been reunited with their families, bringing 38 children to the US and 11 spouses.

If you are a Filipino domestic worker or trafficked worker with questions or concerns, please contact Riya Ortiz, Damayan Case Manager, at or at (212) 564-6057.