Damayan’s staff is composed of full-time and part-time organizers who are responsible for implementing the programs, campaigns and other operations of the organization on a day-to-day basis. They work closely with, report to, and are directly accountable to the Board of Directors (BOD) and the Secretariat. Some BOD members also serve as Damayan staff members.


Founder Member and Executive Director
Riya Ortiz
Lead Organizer and Case Manager
Leads: Case Management, Workers Academy, Baklas: Break Free from Labor Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, and Beyond Survival
Community Organizer
Leads: Case Management and Membership
Sofia Dadap
TVAP Coordinator
Leads: Trafficking Victims Assistance Program (TVAP)
Edith Mendoza
Community Organizer
Leads: OSHA Training Program, Healthcare #Coverage4All Campaign, Damayan Workers Cooperative Coordinator