Damayan Organizer Speaks at The State of Workers’ Rights in New York City: Advances and Setbacks in Turbulent Times

DAMAYAN MIGRANTS | July 19, 2018

“Through organizing in Damayan, I found my passion, self-respect, and dignity serving the people. I understood the economic and social forces that compelled me to leave my own children to work abroad. I learned why many domestic workers like me become victims of labor trafficking and modern-day slavery by the abusers. This gave me purpose — to workers, to stand, fight back against traffickers, end modern-day slavery, have health coverage and end family separation.”

Damayan Organizer, Labor Trafficking Survivor, and Damayan Workers Cooperative Board member, Edith Mendoza spoke on behalf of Damayan at The State of Workers’ Rights in New York City: Advances and Setbacks in Turbulent Times on July 16 at LaGuardia Community College. The event was hosted by The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Office of Labor Policy & Standards, in partnership with the City Commission on Human Rights and the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and included a panel of low-wage and immigrant workers, worker advocate groups, labor unions, and community-based organizations to discuss workers rights in NYC. Damayan was represented on the panel through Edith, who shared her story of being trafficked by her German Diplomat former employers, and the power she found through organizing.

Edith urged the City and public officials to listen and respond to the issues of workers and trafficking survivors. Edith also called for the City to increase the resources toward grassroots organizations, like Damayan, that, “build collective and people power, respect, and dignity for all immigrant workers of color.”

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