Cyber Security Training for Im/migrants

DAMAYAN MIGRANTS | June 26, 2018

Many Filipino migrants and immigrants who live in the US stay in touch with family and friends through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Under the Trump administration, migrants and immigrants are under attack more than ever, and social media platforms are being used to track down undocumented people with deportation orders.

On June 24th and 25th, Damayan held a Cyber Security Training with speakers from Progressive Technology Project (PTP), who focused the training on digital security for im/migrants. 
At the workshop, participants learned how to protect their online accounts, how to use messaging securely, manage passwords, and keep their cell phones, computers and other devices safe. There was also a discussion about what it means to feel secure and be secure with our technology.  It is crucial that we remain organized and educated about personal and collective safety; digital security is one critical part of our overall security, and the July trainings sought to build power rather than paranoia within our community.