Reuniting Families of Trafficking Survivors

One of the most moving parts of our work at Damayan is the opportunity to help reunite Filipino families. Like tens of thousands of Filipinas, members Mona and Dema were forced to migrate to the Unites States in search of work to support their families. Like thousands of Filipina domestic workers, they were trapped in abusive situations of human trafficking. Through their bravery and the work of Damayan and our allies, Dema and Mona were legally recognized as survivors of trafficking, allowing them to gain legal status in the United States and to bring their spouses and children here to live with them. Both families were joyfully reunited this spring. See below for interviews and more information about these courageous women.

Mona Mustapha, a trafficking survivor, was recently reunited with her two children and husband.

Dema Ramos-Pradel and her husband after nearly five years apart. Dema's two youngest children also arrived.

For more stories of families reunited: