International Workers Day Strike 2017

Damayan joined workers all over the world to commemorate the International Workers Day on May 1. They took to the streets in NYC to strike with hundreds of workers, immigrants and non-immigrants alike.  

While there were different May Day events throughout the day, the most marginalized and mostly undocumented workers made their huge presence felt at Washington Square Park, for all worker’s rights and against the Trump regime’s agenda. Damayan organizer and trafficking survivor Lydia Catina-Amaya spoke with the Damayan contingent behind her.

“President Trump's proposed budget would spend nearly $5 billion on putting one of his many executive orders into action: deporting undocumented immigrants and building a border wall. It is not criminal to travel to the United States to find work or for immigrants to break unjust laws in order to support themselves and their families, but we are being treated like criminals. We say no human being is illegal!" Lydia said.

Lydia wrapped up by encouraging the crowd to fight back. She's right because when workers unite, we win!