Delano Manongs: Documentary and Pannel Discussion

Damayan staffer Leah Obias will present on contemporary Filipino labor struggles at the premiere screening of this documentary about the Filipino farmworkers who initiated the famous 1965 Delano Grape Boycott and Strike.


Support CAAAV and BAYAN USA by joining us for New York City's documentary premiere of Delano Manongs!

Directed by Marissa Aroy, Delano Manongs highlights the story of organizer Larry Itliong and the manongs, Filipino farmworkers who initiated the famous 1965 Delano Grape Boycott and Strike. The manongs also fought alongside Chicano farmworkers and their leader Cesar Chavez for the formation of the United Farm Workers union. There will be a panel of Filipino and labor organizers after the screening to open a discussion on how the manongs' legacy has influenced social movements today.

6:30 PM—Reception begins with food and drinks for sale, and a photo exhibit by the Filipino American National Historical Society!

7:30 PM—Documentary screening

8:00 PM—Panel and Q&A on contemporary labor struggles with director Marissa Aroy, Damayan Migrant Workers Association, BAYAN USA, Food Chain Workers Alliance!

Purchase tickets online for $10 (, or at the door for $15—ALL GUESTS PLEASE BRING PHOTO I.D!

All proceeds will contribute to CAAAV and BAYAN USA's continuing struggles for justice.

** Caaav: Organizing Asian Communities is a grassroots, pan-Asian community organization that organizes low-income Asian communities in NYC for social, economic, and gender justice.

** BAYAN USA is an alliance of 18 progressive Filipino organizations in the U.S. and serves as a resource and center for educating, organizing, and mobilizing anti-imperialist and progressive Filipinos.