Damayan in the News: “Modern-Day Slaves: Filipina Labor Trafficking Survivors Tell Their Own Stories”

“I'm doing now community organizing. I'm focusing on base building, know your rights, and advocating for the workers for their rights. Through our leaders and through the members of Damayan (also through their friends) we organize low-wage workers like domestic workers… Our mission is to educate, mobilize, and organize our community. We encourage our members to share their knowledge to empower other workers,” said Lydia Catina Amaya, Damayan organizer and trafficking survivor.

Lydia Catina Amaya and Damayan Board member and trafficking survivor Judith Daluz spoke with Lena Solow of VICE's Broadly about their experiences as trafficking survivors and organizing other survivors through Damayan.

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Check out part one of The Empire File's extensive and powerful coverage of Damayan and its fight against forced migration, labor trafficking, and modern day slavery.

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