Damayan Holds Immigration Clinic and Lawyer Intake

On Saturday, August 8th, Damayan held an Immigration Clinic and Worker’s Support Meeting. Over 25 participants, including board, staff, and 12 potential defrauded trafficking victims, attended and learned about political framework regarding worker visa programs. Urban Justice Center lawyer Sean McMahon helped explain the qualifications for T and U visas, as well as intake. There was also a case work orientation to familiarize potential members with Damayan’s services, programs, expectations and future events. Workers then shared testimonials and their migration histories to strengthen each other’s spirits, and reassure one another that there is power in collectivization.

If you're a Filipino migrant worker and you think you have stolen wages or have been trafficked, please get in touch with Damayan, 212.564.6057 or contact@damayanmigrants.org.