Congratulations, Sister! Damayan Member Victory!

We’re proud to announce that with the support of Damayan staff and our partner New York Legal Assistance Group, one of our members, Clara* has received a settlement payment from her former abusive employer. This victory came quickly, after only four months of pressure and threat of litigation, and is evidence that when workers know and demand their rights, justice is done!

Clara worked for her former employer as a caregiver for the employer’s two elderly parents for six years. She lived with the elderly couple and was required to work or be on-call 24-7, with no vacation or sick days, and was never paid overtime. After five years, Clara requested that the employer hire a back-up caregiver so she could have occasional days off. The employer complied, but then shortly thereafter our member was fired summarily by phone. When she met with her employer to ask her to reconsider, Clara was given two weeks severance pay and told that if she complained her employer would contact the authorities to deport her, as she is undocumented.

After four months of pressure and threat of litigation, Clara received significant compensation for unpaid overtime. We are proud of her bravery in pursuing the case, and honored to be able to support her in her fight for justice.

*Name changed as required by the terms of the settlement