Magtanggol: Defend Our Communities! Defend Ourselves!

In response to the increased hate, racism, bigotry and anxiety brought on by the election of Trump and his appointment of an ultra-right cabinet , Damayan launched it’s new critical effort, Magtanggol: Defend Our Communities! Defend Ourselves! The campaign included two Know Your Rights and Community Defense team trainings on Dec. 17th and Dec. 19th.

Trump campaigned on a rabid anti-immigrant, anti-labor, anti-women, anti-LGBTQI, and anti-Muslim platform, and Damayan is prepared for him to follow through with his promises. Therefore, Damayan, in partnership with the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center, and the Immigrant Defense Project, provided Damayan members and the public, with hands on training, meant to combat ICE raids and build community defense teams.  The trainings included guest attorney speakers who spoke on the current immigration landscape and what to do if stopped by the Police, Immigration Agents, or the FBI. They also, along with Damayan community organizers, provided training for creating individual safety planning, community defense teams, and other ways to protect and organize our community for the future. By the end of each training, each neighborhood formed a team meant to form a response to potential community raids.

Come January 2017, no matter who the President is, the Constitution of the United States remains, and under the Constitution, everyone living in the U.S., including those undocumented, have assured basic rights. That is why Damayan is seizing every opportunity to educate, organize and mobilize, so we can fight back against the present demagoguery of hate and bigotry! Join us!

If you were unable to make the trainings and would like to receive information regarding your immigration rights, email: