Damayan Statement on Inauguration Protest


Damayan Migrant Workers Association invites all to join the Board and Staff in taking part in the mass resistance movement on Inauguration Day in Washington D.C.. Damayan is joining Answer Coalition and hundreds of thousands of others in the inaugural protest because Damayan says NO to war, NO to militarism, NO to environmental destruction, NO to racism, NO to anti-immigrant policies and the ongoing attack on workers’ living standards and rights!

We owe it to the past, future and present-- to our children, friends, family; to the Earth and to ourselves; to fight for our rights, lives and our futures.

The power lies in the people and real social change comes from the mobilization of the masses of people. It is crucial that you stand up and let your voice be heard!

We stand in solidarity with immigrants, Muslims, people of color, women, LGBTQ folks, people who desire a clean, healthy environment, and all workers. We stand with them, we march with them and we fight with them.

Our comrades at Answer Coalition have reported that the inauguration parade and specifically the Navy Memorial (where Damayan and @AnswerCoalition will be), is being faced with an unprecedented level of restriction of media coverage. Trump's Presidential Inaugural Committee has banned major news networks and other media sources from covering the protests and parade at the Navy memorial.  Click here to read about the media ban

With this in mind, Damayan will be live tweeting Friday’s protest and the Women’s March through @DamayanMigrants and sharing updates on Facebook.

We will not be silenced, because we are here to stay.

See you on the streets! Power to the people!

#inauguratetheresistance #Here2FightHere2Stay #lovetrumpshate #heretostay

#womensmarch #answercoalition