Damayan Executive Director Speaks at Anti-Marcos Burial Rally

Rallies protesting the Philippine Supreme Court decision, that allowed a hero’s burial for former president Ferdinand Marcos, have emerged and multiplied both in the Philippines and around the world. Damayan's Executive Director, Linda Oalican, spoke at the December 1st rally protesting the burial, in front of the Philippine embassy in New York City. Marcos was found guilty of stealing billions of U.S. dollars from the Philippines and was responsible for the martial law in the nation where thousands of Filipinos were tortured and murdered. In a secret burial on November 18th, Marcos’ remains were interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the national cemetery of heroes in Manila. In response, a rally was organized by national and grassroots organizations like the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, Anakbayan New York, Ugnayan Youth, Migrante New Jersey and Damayan Migrant Workers Association to protest against this denial of history. At the rally, Linda shared her experience as a student activist in the Philippines, detained and tortured by the Marcos administration, and the impact that this has had on so many just like her. Despite this violation of her right to stand up and fight back, upon release Linda went right back to the streets and rejoined the protests. “The spirit of young activism at the time could not be contained or quelled,” she said. Clearly, Linda has never stopped as she continues to lead the way in the struggle against fascism and oppression, along with many others around the globe.

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