Eldercare Training Pilot

This innovative community based Eldercare Training Pilot will engage 15 eldercare workers and 15 potential employers - including seniors and their family members. The course includes a total of 55 hours of training for workers and 15 hours of workshops for employers. In addition to providing workers and employers with key technical skills and core competencies, the training will build a shared commitment to dignified, trusting, and respectful relationships between caregivers and care-recipient. Together, we will explore the question: How do we build caring communities that value all of our interdependence?

Consumer workshops will help participants build self awareness and develop the core competencies needed to hire, supervise, and maintain clear and open communication with a caregiver. They also will include community building and shared learning with the 15 elder caregivers who are in the process of completing the 55-hour training.

You should apply if:

You are a Senior or a family member of a Senior

Who is looking for support with the activities of daily living

Is currently or is interested in hiring a caregiver full or part time

Is exited to be part of an innovative community driven pilot program