Damayan announces new Board of Directors for 2014-15

The Damayan Board of Directors for 2014-15 has just just been elected at the recently concluded Damayan 11th General Assembly (GA).

Composed of nine members, the Damayan Board is the highest decision-making body in-between GAs. It implements Damayan's mission, unities and GA resolutions through the monthly board meetings.

Board members have a two-year tenure. Any Board member who is in good standing can run for (re)election.

To ensure that the knowledge and experience of outgoing Board members are transferred to the incoming new Board members, 50% of the Board members who have served their second year will be voted through the yearly election at the GA.

Meet Damayan's new Board and learn more about them:

Chair: Josie

Deputy Chair: Juana

Secretary-Treasurer: Rose

Grassroots Fundraising Lead: Marlyn (with Rose & Linda as support)

Membership Building Lead: Lydia

Leadership Building Lead: Juana

Education Committee Lead: Annie

Baklas Leads: Dema & Cecil (with Josie as support)