2017 Damayan Holiday Party & Fundraiser



The 2017 Damayan Holiday Party and Fundraiser brought together new and old Damayan members, board, staff and allies, to celebrate 15 years of Damayan Migrant Workers Association. The December 2nd event took place at the LaGuardia Community College and attendees were treated to delicious homemade food, the beautiful voices of the debut performance of the Damayan choir, stories of resilience and power from Damayan members, a Know Your Rights refresher, and of course, plenty of karaoke.

2017 was a year of heightened fear and struggle for the migrant worker community, but it also included victories and triumphs of solidarity and mobilization of the worker community. For Damayan, 2017 included the signing of the MOU, rallies, trainings, shared stories, family reunifications, marches, and t-visas and unpaid wages won. December 2nd was a chance to celebrate this work and the community that has helped to build Damayan into the force that it is today.

The Damayan community came together to make the event a success. The room decorations and the incredible food was all hand-made and provided by Damayan members. The program was emceed by Damayan’s lead Community Organizer, Riya Ortiz and Damayan’s new Worker Organizer and trafficking survivor, Edith Mendoza. The program included presentations on Damayan’s reunited migrant families, the group of teachers that Damayan helped to get T-visas for, Damayan’s 2017 accomplishments, and an immigration rights and Hate-Free zone update from Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM) Deputy Director, Ana Liza Caballes. The program also included special performances by the newly formed Damayan choir as well as, Damayan members, Tess de Leon, Bernadette Fertal, Tess Villaruz, and more.

We want to thank everyone who volunteered for, attended, and performed at the holiday party, as well as those who donated to Damayan. We will start 2018 revitalized from the strength and commitment of our community, ready to continue to fight for Filipino migrant workers and build worker power. Sulong! Onward!


If you didn't get a chance to make it to the holiday party or give, please consider making a donation to Damayan.