Damayan August-September Events


Justice for Edith and Sherile March and Rally

On August 7th, dozens of people gathered for the Justice for Edith and Sherile March and Rally, to demand justice and dignity for Edith and Sherile, and the entire domestic worker community. At the rally, Edith Mendoza stood in front of the United Nations building and told the crowd of fellow domestic workers, allies, and supporters, “We are here to demand a public apology…

We are here today to end modern day slavery!”

People’s Congress of Resistance
The People’s Congress of Resistance (PCOR) on September 16-17th, brought together 727 activists and organizers from all over the country to Washington D.C., to unite in our common struggles and plan for the next steps in opposition to the Trump agenda. Damayan joined the Congress, bringing the voices and experiences of im/migrant workers to the planning of the larger grassroots movement.

Due to generous donations from allies, Damayan brought nine members to the event, including staff, board members and labor trafficking survivors. At the Congress, attendees heard from a variety of grassroots activists and leaders, attended workshops, one of which was taught by Damayan’s Riya Ortiz, titled,  “Community Organizations and Revolutionary Politics.” The Congress also passed resolutions, including one presented by Damayan that called for support of the campaign to help Filipino domestic workers break free from labor trafficking and modern-day slavery (BAKLAS).

PCOR  provided Damayan with the chance to share and learn organizing strategies and plan with and build solidarity with other grassroots groups and organizers. The Congress ended with an anti-imperialism march and demonstration to the White House, where Linda spoke about the history of colonialism in the Philippines and its relation to today’s migration. The march exemplified the most critical message of the Congress; the vital importance of  being apart of an organization. As the Congress demonstrated, it is crucial that oppressed peoples build together, through all struggles, to fight for a better world for us all.

Damayan Annual Summer Picnic
On Sunday and Monday, August 20 & 21, Damayan Board, staff and members gathered at Rockaway Beach for Damayan’s annual summer picnic. Attendees celebrated the summer and the community with watching the solar eclipse,swimming in the ocean and of course enjoying an abundance of delicious food brought to the potluck style picnic. 

Damayan Stands With DACA
After the Sept. 5th Trump administration announcement that it would be ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Damayan joined thousands of others in hitting the streets to condemn this action. Damayan board members and staff joined the Sept. 5th rally in front of Trump Tower to demand full permanent protection, dignity and respect of all im/migrants, documented or undocumented. At the rally, Damayan’s Lead Community Organizer, Riya Ortiz spoke, saying “The struggle of the undocumented youth is the same struggle of the documented immigrants. 

It is the Trump administration that tries to divide us!”

Monthly Workers Meeting
For the Sunday session of the September Damayan monthly workers meetings, participants attended the final workshop session of the Damayan Nanny Training. At the Monday meeting, participants heard a report back on the People’s Congress of Resistance. Damayan’s intern, Sofia, went over the 7 commitments of the Congress and Damayan’srole in providing the voices of domestic workers and trafficking survivors in the grassroots resistance movement.

 The meeting also included updates on cases, TVAP, the cooperative and the National situation. Make sure to join us next month to share case updates and learn how to fight back and win against labor traffickers!

2017 Damayan Nanny Training
From August to September, in collaboration with Cornell University Worker Institute, Damayan facilitated the annual Damayan Nanny Training Workshop. The workshop took place over four sessions, focusing on different aspects of essential care taking skills and worker empowerment. The sessions included: Childhood Development, Childhood Diseases & Nutrition, CPR and First Aid, and Know Your Labor Rights & Negotiation training. Participants received certification in CPR and First Aid, as well as certifications from Damayan and Cornell University Cooperative Extension for completion of the Nanny Training and Professional Development Workshop series. 

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