Damayan Holds Know Your Immigration Rights and Occupation Safety and Health Training

DAMAYAN MIGRANTS | April 15, 2018

Development Project at the Urban Justice Center (CDP-UJC) presented about immigration rights when faced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. Participants interacted with each other, shared experiences, asked questions, and practiced on different scenarios. 

“Your power comes from being in an organization, sharing and learning the knowledge to keep ourselves and each other safe,” Atty. Tharayil said. 

Damayan organizer Riya Ortiz closed the training with discussing the individual safety plans and creating neighborhood defense teams. The trainings also helped the participants prepare to exercise and defend their rights in the future. It was also helpful not just for the information, but also to stay part of the community.  

On June 2018, Damayan will offer an online cybersecurity training so Filipino immigrant and migrant workers will learn how to protect their information and stay safe online.